Expert Immigration Services 

At Moonlight Immigration, our clients can anticipate a seamless blend of professionalism and personalized service. 

We pride ourselves on establishing a close relationship with each client, ensuring trust and confidence throughout the immigration process. 

We are produce to have the highest level of practice license by College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

 The IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board) designation empowers us to represent our client to four tribunals:

  • Refugee Protection Division (RPD)
  • Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)
  • Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)
  • Immigration Division (ID)

Achieve optimal results in record time

Moonlight Immigration Services has a track record of :

  • 100% Successful refugee Claims  
  • 100% successful refugee appeals
  • 80% residency obligation appeals
  • 90% sponsorship application appeals
  • 80% admissibility hearing and appeals

At Moonlight Immigration, we are deeply committed to understanding and navigating the intricacies of the immigration system in Canada. With its reputation for being one of the most welcoming and inclusive countries globally, Canada's immigration system is complex, evolving, and often challenging to navigate. Moonlight Immigration diligently studies every aspect of this system on daily basis, ensuring that we stay abreast of the latest policies, procedures, and trends. 

By membership in professional association such as Canadian Association of Immigration Consultants we stay abreast of the industry changes, by attending in annual conferences regular seminar we stay abreast of any updates to immigration laws, regulations and ministerial guideline.

By taking regular continuing professional courses from different providers we enhance our knowledge.

Our Services

Refugee Claim and Refugee Appeal: We assist individuals seeking refuge in Canada by making a refugee claim and representing them in the refugee hearing at the Refugee Protection Division tribunal. If a refugee claim is refused we can appeal the case at the Refugee Appeal Division tribunal.

Sponsorship Appeals We can represent applicant whose sponsorship application is refused at the Immigration Appeal Tribunal.

Residency Obligation Appeal We are licensed to represent clients who are losing their permanent residency stats for not meeting their obligation of remaining in Canada for two years in the past five years. This kind of appeal can be either by requesting a permanent resident travel document or Residency Obligation Appeal in front ot Immigration Appeal Division tribunal or both.

Admissibility Hearing and Inadmissibility Appeal: We offer representation and legal guidance for individuals facing admissibility issues to enter or to remain in Canada.

Detention Review: Our services include representing individuals detained by immigration authorities, advocating for their rights, and seeking their release through detention reviews.

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment: We assist individuals facing removal from Canada by preparing and submitting pre-removal risk assessments, highlighting potential risks they may face upon return to their home country.

Humanitarian & compassionate application: In some cases, applicates who might not be eligible for permanent residency might be able to use humanitarian and compassionate ground.

Group of five refugee sponsorship: We can assist and file refugee sponsorship application for individuals who want to sponsor a recognized refugee living in other countries who do not offer a durable solution for refugees.

Temporary Resident VISA: We can apply for visas for visit, study or work in Canada. 

Permanent Residency: We can assess the chance of success and and apply for permanent residency for skilled workers or entrepreneurs through a suitable federal or provisional streams.

Who We Are

Expert in Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB) Tribunals

Moonlight Immigration Services was founded by Reza Shahpori in 2015. 

Besides our expertise and profound knowledge of Canada Refugee And Immigration tribunal we accept permanent residency applications, tourist visa and work and study permits.

As a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Reza Shahpori is a member in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).

Reza Shahpori' s knowledge of Canada refugee and immigration system is built upon his past work in United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as well as Canadian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.


More information available at:

College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (Regulator)

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (Immigration Tribunals)

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (Canada Immigration)

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)


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